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Hoozey's Blog

It's funny because your dogs remind me of mine- Freddie reminds me of our beagle, Sully. The boxy face and puppy-like looks, also the super sweet personality. Elsie reminds me of Jack (JRT) even the way she's really furry on the body but has the skinny legs.
Elsie may turn into a beauty. Sully was THE UGLIEST puppy- hubby picked him because he thought no one else would take such a pathetic looking thing- and he's the cutest dog. As with real children, fur babies have their own personalities and you like certain traits in each. I love that Jack is a good watchdog, quiet and smart. But he's a bit neurotic about thunderstorms & the UPS truck. I love Sully for his lovable face & personality but hate how loud he is- especially since he gets more vocal about a dog visiting than a human. He's not very bright so you can't get him to stop anything. LOL

Fred Wolfhound

It will be with great interest that i see how Elsie develops. The nurse @ the vet reckons Elsie is going to fill out a bit.

I've yet to see whether or not Elsie will be a good watchdog. Last night hubby came home and she went up to greet him.

I think she's not as dependant on humans as Fred is. She definately seems a little brighter.

It is nice to have a dog that's easy to control though. Fred you have to use all your strength to walk him if he gets sidetracked. Elsie on the other hand you can just drag along with you.

She was trying to run on lead the other day (she got distracted by Fred) and she flew up in the air because i yanked her back. So funny!

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