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Poor Freddie- I've seen/heard that both activities chewing/digging are boredom related but I'm not one to tell you how to change since I'm a bad dog owner and routinely deal with dog issues. 


the dogs are taking turns at being bad at the moment. Rosie was wonderful on her walk, and then when i went to let them in after dinner, she just walked in the house without a 'sit'. i sent her scrambling back out.

when i went to let her in a few hours later, she was curled up on her bed with her back to the door. looked like sulking to me. LOL.

don't know what the hubby was thinking last night though, I woke up this morning to find Freddie in our room again. he was there when i went to sleep, but that doesn't always guarantee that he'll get to stay the entire night.

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